Why Woolwich selectmen support CMP corridor 

We’re all aware that the proposed Central Maine Power corridor upgrade project has created much controversy this year. We are in support of New England Clean Energy Connect (NECEC) and we’d like to explain why.  

In October 2017, CMP spokesman, John Carroll, was present at a Woolwich Selectboard meeting to provide an overview of the proposal to deliver hydro power and wind generated energy from Quebec, through Maine, to Massachusetts. Mr. Carroll explained that support was being sought from the municipalities impacted by the potential corridor upgrade. Every municipality affected by the corridor has the right to support or oppose this project. We feel it would be a positive impact for Woolwich, but we wouldn’t want to dictate what another municipality should do.  

The Selectboard considered the proposal, decided it would be advantageous to Woolwich and in November 2017, drafted a letter to CMP giving our unanimous support. Since then, two board members have rescinded their support and a handful of residents opposed to the project have petitioned for a town wide referendum vote, which will take place at the Nov. 5 general election.  

We, as your elected officials, feel it’s our duty to represent the best interests of Woolwich. The proposed project, as it affects Woolwich, is simply adding lines to existing towers, in the existing CMP owned corridor. CMP is currently the largest taxpayer in the Town of Woolwich and their tax liability will increase, should the project proceed. The energy created will be clean energy, moving away from a reliance on fossil fuels. Regardless of how anyone feels about Massachusetts, this supply of energy will benefit the whole grid, including ourselves. The vote in November is not in support of CMP, but in support of an environmentally friendly energy that will ultimately benefit us all. 

Chairman David King, Jason Shaw, Allen Greene, 

Woolwich Selectboard  

 Tree clearing reflects badly on area 

As an ex-New Yorker, currently a Maine resident – I can say with certainty that people come to Maine to see the beauty of nature. How dismal that travelers to Maine were treated to the sorry sight on Route 1 of trees cut down and rotting, where the dead trees were cleared away one is treated to the spectacle of devastation.  

Leonard Meiselman,