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Here are a few common questions with answers to keep in mind before you jump into the discussion.

Why has my comment not shown up?

There are a number of reasons why your comment may not appear in the thread. Comments that are abusive, off-topic, involve personal attacks, use profanity, or show a general lack of respect for another user will not be approved. Comments that include links will automatically go to our pending queue for approval. Comments that include restricted words will go to our pending queue for moderation.

Comments are not edited; they either appear or they don’t. Comments that have appeared can be flagged by users and will be approved or deleted. We also do not allow comments that attempt to promote commercial enterprises.

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Human moderation is by its nature subjective, but we try to be as careful and consistent as possible. We do not consider the political views of the commenter when we decide what should be posted. We do try to avoid having one person dominate a discussion.

What kind of comments are certain to be approved?
Anything that is thoughtful, on-topic, interesting, and posted with a positive spirit. It does not seek to attack or beat down the original article or a fellow commenter, but rather to continue a lively debate on the subject at hand.

Emotions can run high in certain subjects, but there is no “winning” in a discussion. Commenters should provide their opinions, give sources and explanations if they have them, and choose to agree to disagree before it turns from a dialogue into an argument.

What if I want to criticize the Press Herald or its writers?
This is allowed as long as it adheres to the same rules for replying to your fellow commenters. No abuse, personal attacks, or swearing.

We appreciate it when readers inform us of an error or want to provide added information. However, your message will reach editors faster if you e-mail them. Send information about corrections to [email protected] and news tips to[email protected].

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